Research Experience

CV, 949-943-0242

Research paper (preprint)


Navy Internship 2016 Final Report

Navy Internship 2015 Technical Report

Submitted Patents:

“Concurrent Direction Finding Methods with SQUID Arrays on a 3D Structure.” Patent disclosure submitted 2016 Navy Case # 103964

“Orthogonal SQUID Arrays on a Baseline with Rotation.” Patent disclosure submitted 2016 Navy Case # 103963



In January 2015, I received two emails that I was accepted to a Naval internship program (NREIP) to work on the direction-finding capabilities of superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) antennas as well as an internship with UCLA doing applied math research (research area not specified). UCLA's program is aimed towards getting students into PhD programs while the Naval internship is more career-oriented. At the time, I wanted to get a job in industry and so I went with the Navy. The following year I was lucky enough to have been selected for the internship again to continue the work I had started. These internships helped get me my job at Raytheon.