About Me


 daniellhallman@gmail.com, 949-943-0242

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My 9-5 job

I was hired at Raytheon in El Segundo CA as a software engineer working on the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) in May 2017. I transitioned to being a systems engineer in January 2019 so that I could do more math. In June 2019 I started supporting my old program, so I now work as both a systems and software engineer. I picked up another project at work and so I am now working on 3 programs:

Systems Engineer

1. Design, test, and document the framework for a new radar combat ID algorithm. Work is done in Matlab.

Software Engineer

2. Implement new capabilities into NGJ's source code in C++. Test code on simulators as well as on deliverable hardware.

3. New ideas are being developed for NGJ and it is necessary to know how much these implementations will impact my particular software component. I am tasked with conducting a study to determine the feasibility and workload for integrating the new methods.


My favorite courses in school were:

1. Calculus of Variations

2. PDEs and nonlinear ODEs

3. Applied analysis

CSULB Unofficial Transcript

UCI Unofficial Transcript


The rest of my time

I cook and play guitar a lot. I recently started learning music production.